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In the news today: "Starbucks has bowed to public outrage over its tax affairs and made a voluntary £10m annual offering to HMRC, on top of the tax it currently pays, for the next two years."

Hm. Does this seem like Starbucks is in a position to just decide for itself what tax it pays? The idea of them (generously) "making HMRC an offer" seems very weird to me. On what basis is the payment calculated? They make it sound like a goodwill gesture. Mind you , not that much goodwill, it's only for 2 years.

All a joke.


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They want the lucrative UK market

ShirleyM |
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It said they will pay an extra £20m

Roland195 |

State sponsored extortion…

Trevor Scott |

They made a fatal mistake ....

ShirleyM |
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Not claiming allowances

GaryMc |
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Smart move

should_be_working |
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rule of law...nope.....

justsotax |


mbdx7ja2 |

Consumer power, yes.

should_be_working |
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ACDWebb |
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Sorry, I gave at the office

frustratedwithhmrc |
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