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Statement of High Net Worth

One of our clients has applied for some finance personally, and we have been asked to complete a Statement of High Net Worth by the mortgage company.

We have never had to complete one before, and having consulted the ICAEW they advise that we have to get a letter of engagement signed by our client and the mortgage company, and also to approach with caution.

The mortgage company and the broker keep saying that no other accountant has ever asked the mortgage company to sign a LOE and I'm wondering what everyone else has done in this situation?

We are being asked to express an opinion which means we can't just sign and return the form, am I being too cautious?

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You are not being too cautious.

Steve McQueen |
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I don't

Red Leader |
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Future earnings?

Peter Kilvington |

Thanks steve

dbowleracca |
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RTM Company

skhan |