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still connected?

My client was a 50% shareholder in a company and whilst a shareholder (and director) created an overdrawn DLA of £100k plus.

Whilst he was in that situation he would of course fall foul of all the s455 etc problems.

However my client then divorced and gave his shareholding to his wife and resigned as a director, whilst leaving the loan in place in the company.

The loan has now been written off as irrecoverable.

My questions are:

1. Is any s455 formerly paid now repayable?

2. What is the status of the write off? Previously it would have been a distribution or possibly treated as emplyment income, but my client no longer has any connection with the company.

Oh and it's a 30th April 2012 year end brought in two days ago, so no pressure!

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1. Yes - if the loan is

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I think Arthur means...

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thanks - so

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