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Still having problems with NatWest?

More of a straw poll than a question!

Client paid in cheques worth over £30k, as a counter credit, on Monday 25th June and they still do not appear in his account some 8 days later.

Calls to NatWest reveal that they had a "glitch" with counter credits for 25th and 26th June, the 26th June issues have been sorted but not the 25th.

Each day, from Thursday 28th, he has been told that the system will update overnight and the issue will be resolved, which they have not.

Since 29th June he has gone into, an agreed, overdraft which would not be the case if the counter credit was applied, whilst he has been assured that no interest will be charged he is somewhat doubtful and fears a battle will start when the charges come through. At the very least, as he occasionally uses the overdraft, he will need to try and check what interest he has been charged.

Just wondering if anyone else, or their clients, has the same problem?

The media seems to have gone very quiet on this, I guess as Barclays is now the bigger news story.

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Not quiet here in NI where Ulster Bank are still scr***d up

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All Clear

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