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Struck off company

I've been approached with a view to acting for a limited company formed this year. During the course of the conversation it transpired that they were the owners of a company struck off the register with a substantial amount of money in the bank. It seems they had been advised that this was the appropriate action by the previous accountants due to tax/vat outstanding. No accounts were prepared, none filed which led to the Companies House action. I have suggested (professional clearance permitting) that I prepare a set of accounts for the period of trading to attempt to establish a taxation liability. The questions arising are


1) What are the fees to restore a company to the register ? Would the money then be returned to the company ?


2) There will doubtless be penalties/surcharges over and above the statutory ones for non filing that would be due. Would it be possible to establish what these would be prior to the restoration process (or are they part of the process itself ?)


Thanks in advance

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see companies house web site

Tosie |

Money is probable gone to bona vacantia

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