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Systemising accounts call ins, preparation, budget etc?

We are a small practice in North London, and have grown well over the last few years. does anyone have, or is prepared to share a system for producing accounts efficiently.

in my mind:


  1. I don’t like just letters going out asking for information, people need calls too
  2. When stuff comes on it needs to be checked to ensure it is what we need, yes, that will take time, but its useful time
  3. When records come in they need to be both
    1. acknowledged and         
    2. clients given a time when they can expect the accounts back
  4. the work needs to be put on the plan
  5. I want things turned around in 3 weeks, and that means from the day in, to the day draft accounts are out, and faster if there a deadline
  6. I want the clerk briefed, given a budget, and a date they expect to deliver back
  7. I want the budget checked
  8. I want a bill done ,or reconciled to a standing order
  9. Letter or email drafted
  10. Accounts reviewed in a standard way
  11. I want a monthly or weekly report of accounts that have gone out, I thought monthly, but now prefer weekly

alternatively, anyone fancy two weeks to consultancy to get us a set of systems that will allow that part of my practce to run smoothly


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you say systemising

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Systems and Checklists

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