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Tax Determination & Time Limits

One man band plumber..... hasn't done a tax return for the year to 5 April 2009 and HMRC have now raised a Determination of Tax Due for £6,000 - being estimated income tax and class 4 NIC.

Having looked at the plumbers records - I estimate the true amount of tax to be due for the year to be around £15k.

My opinion is he has two options:

1. Submit a tax return showing the true amounts of tax & NIC due prior to 31/01/2013 - being three years after the original filing deadline; or

2. Pay the £6k tax per the determination and after 31/01/2013 HMRC are out of time to amend it.

Does that sound right? Are there any other options?

Thanks in advance!

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Tax determination & Time limits

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