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Tax equilisation gone wrong

Any assistance or experience in getting the right result here.

Client worked for international company in many jurisidictions and they operated a tax equilisation scheme to ensure he was no better/worse off from other tax regimes. Fairly common occurrence.

UK tax returns were complied by a Big 4 firm (to save blushes I wont say which).

Client left this employment in 2005/06. Return done and filed. But crucially and my client didnt notice the P60 relating to the equilisation was omitted. He was also not removed from SA system.

He continued to work abroad and returned to UK last year. HMRC raised their heads and demanding payment for 2005/06 and 4 o/s returns. This is where we came in.

Problem is 2005/06 is out of time and HMRC wont accept amendment, they say debt is technically due and as client signed return, tough cheese.

I have tried asking debt collection to waive collection but am getting pretty much nowhere.

Further ideas of who to lean on as this money isnt due.

BTW I dont think a PI claim against one of the worlds biggest firms as going to be the most practical route.

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