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Tax Return for 2011 just received

I wonder if anyone can advise me on what is happening with the HMRC.  For info I haven't need to do complete a tax return for the past 7 years due to be a lower rate taxpayer.

Early last year I received 2 P800 notices for the years 2008/09 and 2009/10.  These were raised due to my work related expenses being included on my P11D's by my employer who didn't have the necessary dispensations to exclude them.

I wrote to HMRC explaining the amounts in the P800s were for airfares/hotel bills etc which I incurred wholly in respect of my job and there was therefore a corresponding expense for these. In this letter I also asked them to let me know what I needed to do to have the P800s amended or withdrawn.  This letter was sent by registered post last April 2011 time and I checked the tracking at the time to make sure it had been received.  Further to my letter I had no reply to HMRC, so sent a follow up letter around June 2011 to which I also had no reply. 

Two weeks ago I received a letter from HMRC (the first since their letter from April last year) stating that I hadn't replied to them re the P800s and owed them the amounts specified on them, payment to be made by 24 September.

I again wrote to them last pretty much stating what the previous 2 letter from me had said and also including copes of those letters for there info.

Today I received a paper copy of a blank self assessment tax return for 2011, it is just the form with my name, address, reference etc manually completed, together with a blank employment notes form.  There was no cover letter or explanation included with the forms.


Can anyone throw some light on what is happening?  I assume the tax return has been sent due my letter of last week but I don't understand why I have been sent a tax return to complete for 2011 when the P800s relate to 2009 and 2010.  Also is it normal for HMRC to send  a tax return for completion 18 months after the relevant year end?

Thanks in advance


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maybe 2010 11 is still to be reconciled

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Who could possibly guess

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