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Tax Return Attachment File Size

I have used Iris to generate an amended electronic partnership self assessment return for the 2010/11 tax year.  I consider it necessary to attach a PDF with a file size of 3.5Mb, which is clearly within HMRC's 5Mb size limit. 


Having tried and failed twice to submit this return I am told by Iris that in practice it is not possible to transmit files exceeding 1.5/2.0Mb because the internet connection drops out.  They are saying this issue is with HMRC, not my own ISP.


Has anyone come across this issue before?





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something in the back of the grey matter

The Innkeeper |

Not sure if its the current scenario

mn2taxhbj |

Check your PDF settings

Paul Scholes |
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Thanks so far

Tim Robinson |
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base 64

daveforbes |
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