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Tax return for a taxi driver

I volunteered to help a taxi driver with his tax return. It has been a while since i did an incomplete records job so I am looking for help.

He started in feb this year and prior to that he was employed as a courier.

I foresee the following potential problems

- he didn't get a p45 or p60 from his previous employer and they keep saying they have sent it. He has only some pay slips. Can he get a copy from hmrc?
- all his takings are cash, he says he has records but I am not sure how good they will be. How best to calculate his income?
- he has receipts for petrol, car and radio hire but not things like parking, mobile phone and car wash. Is it ok to put reasonable estimates in for those items with no receipts?

Any advice and tips on how to deal with a client with incomplete records would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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taxi driver

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Hi Jonathan

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Thanks for the advice Eve,

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Hi Richard

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Statement of earnings

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Dont forget tips

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Kinda close...

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business economic notes

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Analytical Review

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Taxi driver

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"write down what he says..."

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Most business men will keep

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tyres, plates and runninhg round empty.

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