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taxcalc - accounts production

anyone using the accounts production software from taxcalc?


is it any good?

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14 day trial

Tonykelly |
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Taxcalc accounts production

scottwright94 |

Can it import transactions from Excel?

chatman |

Not a clue

scottwright94 |

excel import

Tonykelly |
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No use as an accounting programme

chatman |

TaxCalc Accounts Production

Kate@taxcalc |
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Looking into it.

chatman |

"we always listen"

FirstTab |
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Hub / integrated software in general

DMGbus |
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chatman |

We just wanted your money!!

scottwright94 |

WAS considering a trial........

Ding Dong |
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Accounts Production

JohnBDP55 |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Scrap it, forget it and get back to tax!

Ken Howard |

disagree with some of the postings above

Tonykelly |
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ShirleyM |
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What is all the fuss about?

chatman |