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My first outing on TaxCalc was a DI-SAST-ER (sorry, hooked on Strictly).

I thought I'd submitted my client's 2009-10 return but seems I somehow managed to do his 2010-11.  So now I've got to do an amended 2010-11 but TaxCalc won't let me.

So, I've nearly completed his 20010-11 but need an employer PAYE ref first.  Can I just use the default one they tell you about??  But I got to the end of it (before I got the error message about the PAYE ref) but there wasn't an option to send in an amended SA100.  Is this not an option on TaxCalc?

The 2009-10 return I had to do on the HMRC website because TaxCalc kept making it a 2010-11 despite me putting in a date at the beginning of 6 April 2009 as the date on the front of the tax return.

Any ideas on the above?

One last query - sorry this is down to my ignorance - when I did the online version it asked if I was signing for the taxpayer - I ignored that bit but it still had my agent details at the last page because I was doing it through my agent online registered account.  Did I do right?




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Is this posting for real?

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Agree with Kevin

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