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Taxcalc vs BTC

I'm considering moving tax software from Ftax, and the "next ones up" in terms of price bracket appear to be TaxCalc and BTC, so they are the ones I'm considering right now.

Ftax is basically an electronic tax return form, and you fill it in just like you would a paper one. I love it, and the support team, but the credit code issues we've been having recently have been stopping us getting work out and it's really frustrating. Dissent in the ranks mean boss lady needs to look into other options!

I've used Digita and really couldn't get on with the interface (entering loads of schedules and it magically generates the form) - I felt very out of control with it and it didn't feel logical to me - I couldn't get my head round it anmd don't want anything like it again.

So: what do you think would suit me? And in general, what do you consider to be good software?

Ideally I don't want to spend more than £500 (ex VAT). We have 3 users here in the office - 2 main and one occasional. I get the impression Taxcalc is one licence per office, and BTC seems to be priced per user (grr).

Any ideas? Really honest reviews welcome!



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BTC gets my vote

Flash Gordon |

What's quicker and easier?

Monsoon |
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Just ring BTC up

refs8 |

It just is?!

Flash Gordon |

Similar here. We moved from

non-sequitor |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Have you read the small print

MissAccounting |
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BTC for us

should_be_working |
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BTC -One of the best thought out pieces of software we have used

Marmite |
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Hmm, lots of support for BTC

Monsoon |
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Another happy BTC user here.

mm01 |

Download the latest Ftax forms

Ftax |


Monsoon |
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