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They live in a different world

Individual "A" is the settlor, trustee and beneficiary of a discretionary trust which contains nothing more than the original settlement of £10.

Individual "B" (brother of "A" incidentally), is in exactly the same position.  The trusts are identical in every respect.

The documentation was all drawn up by solicitor "S", for both cases.

It is now desired to wind up both trusts, by appointing the £10 back to the settlor, and solicitor "S" (who has all the details on their file, remember) is asked to draw up the two (identical bar name) deeds of appointment.  The solicitor will not be responsible for anything else (such as tax reporting compliance).

Your guesses, please, as to the solicitor's charge for this service. (PS I know the right answer, but wanted to check that I am in the right universe).

The clue, guys and gals, is in the subject header.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood.

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Whatever it is it will be too much!

cathygrimmer |
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In my experience...

George Attazder |
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£1400 is my shot. However why

bernard michael |

£4500 plus VAT

taxhound |
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cyrynpen |

£1,200 plus VAT

bigdave1971 |


nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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You're all wrong

memyself-eye |
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taxhound |
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£500+VAT for...


Remember they have to cover their "risk"...

duncanphilpstate |

If the Solicitor based the fee on value ...

David Winch |
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