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Trying to decide on payroll software


I have been doing some research into payroll software.I was looking at cloud software but as we are fully networked so it could be multiuser software.

We have 6 retail locations currently sending spreadsheets to me which I then check and send on to our outside accountants. I have realised this is rather inefficient and I am capable of bringing payroll inhouse and hopefully . Long term we might have to invest in time clocking system which would integrate but medium term I just want to bring payroll in house and then I could switch to something with more bells and whistles later.

Two companies ( only 3 employees in one and circa 100 employees per year in the other (incl leavers))

Wish list ( not essential):

- Only other requirement would be restricted multi user - so that they could only see and input for their location.

- Basic HR functions

We use sage accounts so I am going down that route at the moment but rather expensive compared to some of the cheaper options - Do I need to go with Sage?


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SaaS (Cloud Solution) Option

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MyPAYE online Payroll

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Payroll system

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Payroll System

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Why not join the 7.5million employees are paid by Sage Payroll s

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