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Two pivot tables from one source


I am having difficulty with a pivot table issue. I have created one pivot from the source data that I am happy with, and do not wish to change.

The source data is brought into Excel via ODBC.

I am now trying to create a separate pivot from the same table, in the same workbook, but on a different page.

When I modify the second table, the layout of the first changes.


Where to I goI to 'unlink' the definitions?


I have tried creating fresh pivot tables from the same source sheet, but they still link.


Any assistance appreciated.


I know I could use separate workbooks, but would really like just the one workbook,


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In Excel 2007, yes if you

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Thanks - probably not a clear original post

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Pivot Table

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If you are getting the data via ODBC

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Here is the solution I found

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