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Upgrade Experience - Quickbooks

Not a question, just an experience which might help other AW readers. Recently there was a one-day sale offering one license of QuickBooks Pro 2012 for £99.00 inc VAT. You may have seen an 'alert' about this on this website. Having been a 2008 user for a few years I decided this was an appropriate time to upgrade. Assuming it works OK for say 4 years the ex VAT price should be something of a bargain (no £19/ month to pay for the equivalent cloud solutions).

Having backed everything up the upgrade involved, as usual, inserting the CD and running Setup. I was a little surprised that the update un-installed the original QB 2008 product but since I had everything secured I continued. The upgrade went through various phases of data conversion and integrity checking followed by the actual software installation and took about 45 minutes in total on my admitedly high-spec PC. This was an upgrade of a file that had 9 years of transactions but was only 45Mb, so 'small' in comparison to many user's files. Clearly the time taken in each case will be related to the actual number of transactions and size of the file being converted. The upgrade routine offers a guide as to the amount of time that will be taken.

No data integrity issues were identified and QB 2012 loaded looking pretty much the same as 2008 albiet with a few new features, such as online VAT filing, which i am still exploring. After the upgrade completed the automatic update feature spotted that the software on the CD was two patch verions out of date and downloaded a 400mb (!) patch which brought the QB software bang up to date.

So, to summarise, a straightforward upgrade.


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well glad you are happy!

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Further comment

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Have you run a VAT return report yet?

Ken Howard |

VAT Report

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Further Update

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I am grateful to Quickbooks......

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