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Use of home for Ltd company

Can anybody kindly run through this for me, please, and how it's applied?


Thank you.

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To avoid repetition

Hansa |
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No, thanks for your reply,

Georgeyboy |

Yes and no

andy.partridge |
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Basically to avoid a benefit

pauljohnston |

Use of Home raised to £4/week

Figurate |
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Figurate is correct

andy.partridge |
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Previous Articles are on a-web

fpurves |
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Don't sell yourself short

Kent accountant |
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Figurate |
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The use of a proper rental


So, following up on the last

Georgeyboy |



DRMJOB you say "The property

tomroberts |

Rented Property


Rates and CGT (again!)

TimCaprica |
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CGT on Use of Home as Office

chatman |

Business rates on a home office

cfield |
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claim the £4 per week

AnnaKournikovasKnickers |
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What happens if I don't own the property

prourke |