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What a load of rubbish!

I earlier made a call to HMRC online services. They couldn't deal with my query and have called me back. Basically, I have submitted 64-8s for a number of clients covering (in most cases) CT, PAYE and VAT.

My agent area is showing authority to act re CT and PAYE.. However, VAT seems to be a sticking point.

I tried to explain this to the nice monkey at HMRC who informed me that Forms 64-8 would never (and never have) "link" a taxpayer's VAT record to an Agent's Online area... (Since when!? and despite the other taxes doing exactly that!?). Despite my protest that I had done exactly that in the past, I was told the only way to do this was to request codes through the post (which will no doubt get lost or arrive otuside of the expiry date!)

Anyone else had trouble with paper 64-8s and VAT?




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Had exactly the same problem with paper 64-8 ...

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Contrary to HMRC guidance

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On line VAT 64-8


Successful online registration!!

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ChRIS sends me email every week

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64-8 re vat office

malcolmwood |

Met too, too - not sure what the 64-8 VAT boxes are for!

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Vat - online registration

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Still awating authorisation codes after 26 days

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auth codes

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This is how to do it

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HMRC oiks

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What they want....

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VAT online registration

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Change of agent details

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Time for change?

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Extra extra

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