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Client (Take-away Chip Shop) is due a vat inspection shortly, first one in ten years. Firstly HMRC officer and I have got off on the wrong foot because I have insisted on being present when he interviews my client and I have also taken him to task about contacting my client directly (twice now) illiciting snippets of information.Client's business is very much run above board but I am conscious that this doesn't necessarily mean too much. Can I request that HMRC officer provide a list of questions prior to the visit. If not or if not forthcoming any advice on the likely questions that will be asked would be most appreciated. 

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cparker87 |

Inspection not an investigation |'s picture

Worried - Paranoid

Marc Anthony |

Right to be suspicious

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VAT Inspection

adagm |

Chip Shop Vat Inspection

helencrompton |

Should come from the client

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Chip shop VAT inspection

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petestar1969 |

It may be too late but ….

Trevor Scott |

Am I unusual?

ShirleyM |
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If you've never had any problems ...

Trevor Scott |

3 years

michael1958 |

Gross margin of 58%

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Liars and Freeloaders

Peter Tuppen |

Not poor quality...

Trevor Scott |

Trevor Scott

MuDu |

Please explain...

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Paranoid ramblings

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