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VAT penalty

My VAT return was filed on 30th of the month, I use flat rate VAT and my accountant prepares the return, on the 10th of the following month I realised there was an error on the return and VAT of over £1,000 had not been claimed on an asset, I cancelled my Direct Debit and paid the correct amount by electronic transfer the following day (one day before the DD would have left my account), the same day a correction was filed.

EDIT: About a week later HMRC issued a penalty which has been appealed against as it was on a technicality.

As HMRC got their money on or before the date they would have and there was no intent to make a cahflow benefit I cannot see a problem, what do you think of my chances?



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Constantly Confused |
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Cancellation of DD

Euan MacLennan |
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Direct Debit you get extra days

mackthefork |

DD date clarification

DMGbus |
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mackthefork |

You live

Constantly Confused |
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