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VAT Preregistration claim

I have a client who's turnover reached the VAT threshold in November so we have registered the business for VAT with an effective date as the 1st December. The question is can we claim 6 month for certain travel expense like hotel bills, meals etc. I understand that you can claim back for 4 years for equipment so long as you still have it and 6 months for 'consumables' which these may fall into. I rang the VAT helpline and the woman I spoke to told me to read the 700 main VAT guide (section 11 & 12) she couldn't say for certain but told me to read the guide and see what I though. Great helpline!


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The rules are clear:-

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Why 1st December?

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I disagree, Euan


I disagree, BKD

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Apologies to Euan


30-day rule

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Hotel in the six months

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Notification period

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Pre-reg VAT

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VAT Issue

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Recruitment agency exempt or not for vat

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