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Vat on residential property

I am considering renovating my personal residence which is a house with a granny flat. When I bought it was registered as 2 addresses for Council tax purposes and had 2 gas, electric and water metres. I did some basic work to the house, removed 1 each of the metres and asked my local council to register the house as one property.I didn't apply for planning permission to convert back to one house though. I am looking for VAT advisor in or close to my local area to advise me if I would qualify for 5% vat on further works which I am planning.

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5% VAT should not apply on this occation

puzzel |
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I beg to differ


thank you for your prompt

davinci |



when I bought the house it

davinci |

was it two dwellings before

kpdorset |

Has the number of dwellings changed?

leshoward |
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The answer is "no"

Taxbreak |

Les is correct


The poster asked for a VAT specialist

pauljohnston |

Changing two dwellings into one.

vat2concern |

Internal access

neilowen |

may I thank everyone that

davinci |

Changed Number of Dwellings Conversion - Notice 708 7.3.1

paul_scotland_5 |