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VAT on Sale of Property During Wind up


I've been asked the question of whether VAT is applicable to the sale of a property during a business wind up?

It is relation to a VAT registered partnership that has ceased trading and are in the process of realising assets to pay as much of the shortfall to creditors as possible.

The partnership owned a property that was utilised for the staff offices and the factory to produce their goods (i.e. the company did not trade in commercial property)the property has a charge over it from the bank for its entire value.

It is currently on the market for sale but they are unsure if when a sale occurs it will be subject to VAT?


Please could someone advise, or point me to where I could find further information?


Thanks in advance






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Probably exempt

Euan MacLennan |
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You will need to consider

shaun king |

Thanks for the advice guys,

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