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Vat on sales invoices pre registration

I registered a client for vat and the date of reg has come through as 1 oct. For the work she did for a client in September she issued it in October. I've got myself a bit confused as I would have thought that as she wasn't registered in sept no vat was due but there seems to be reference on HMRC website to a 14 day rule and as she raised the sales invoice in October, may have to pay vat on the last 14 days in sept??
Would the easiest thing be for her to do her invoice again and date it 30 sept to avoid this problem?
Thanks in advance I didn't know there was such a rule!

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probably better to do a credit note

Tonykelly |
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I really don't believe it...

Taxbreak |

Sorry, I think you have mis-read or maybe misunderstood

Tonykelly |
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I hoped I had but I don't think so...

Taxbreak |

I can see where the confusion lies

Tonykelly |
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What is all the fuss about?

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This is a VAT registered business though

spidersong |