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Very Small Startups

I am regularly approached by rather nice women who have been trading for 6 months who are turning over such small amounts of money I wonder whether there is any point in it all. They need help with their tax return, and that probably won't take very long to do, but I wouldn't want to charge them for the inevitable set up time and hand-holding that goes with it as I don't see a way of making money from them that won't bankrupt them. Most of them tell me their partner is supporting them financially. That's the problem in many ways, as it clouds the fact that they aren't running a viable business.

What advice do you give to people like this who you wouldn't want as a client for the reasons I've outlined? And can you see a way any practice could specialise in the area and make a reasonable profit?




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I only have one set of fees which are on the website ...

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Even I ...

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Don't prepare accounts

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micro clients

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what I do with mirco

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Thank You

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Be selective

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Paul - yes I buy some of

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How about

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