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Warning regarding Norton Internet Security 2012

Right now I am very busy with work. Many of my clients have been very late providing information this and I suspect it's because they are saving up to pay my fees. My efforts to chase some clients were successful so it's not all doom and gloom.

Last Monday a client came round and he mentioned that Norton Internet Security 2012 had been released. I have a subscription to Norton Internet Security and I was on version 2011 but I had not been told about the new release so I checked and I could download it. All my client data is on a network hard disk (with RAID 1) but I run my Digita software, Outlook pst file and QuickBooks data on my C drive due to issues I have had in the past. I backup my data on the C drive but not always every day.

I downloaded NIS 2012 and installed it. After a few days I started to get messages that programmes couldn't run and that I had bad sectors. I thought my hard disk was going to fail. I am not super technical but I can understand some things. I checked a lot on my computer (which wasn't easy) and online. I started to think it wasn't my hard disk and it was an issue with NIS 2012. I removed all Norton software using their removal tool. I then ran chkdsk and within a few seconds it announced there were no errors.

Everything seems to be ok now. Because I was with my client I didn't back everything up before installing NIS 2012. I'm going to be extra careful until 31/01/12!

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Never to Norton

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It's better

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Trouble with outlook

The Innkeeper |

I won't ever touch Norton

RogerNeale |
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Legitimate source?

richardpoulter |

NIS 2012 is to blame

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richardpoulter |

Worrying experience

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Good luck anyway

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