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Webinars: When’s the best time?

AccountingWEB has got some interesting topics lined up for a series of webinars over the coming months, but we’d like to find out when would be the best time to run them.

What day of the week and time would you most likely tune in to watch a webinar?

Any there any particular themes you’d like us to cover?

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SteveOH |
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5pm - 5.30pm start, but no later

zarathustra |
zarathustra's picture

Mornings for me

ShirleyM |
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Kent accountant |
Kent accountant's picture

9.30 / 10 am. Couldnt do

thomas |

Finishing lunch time of end



George Attazder |
George Attazder's picture

Another morning person

Paul Scholes |
Paul Scholes's picture

Mornings for me too

gerrysims |
gerrysims's picture

On demand -

Democratus |
Democratus's picture

Recorded webinars

robertlovell |
robertlovell's picture

Recorded webinars -Yes

FirstTab |
FirstTab's picture

Working lunch

lizsmith |
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blok |
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