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Website dilemma

If this is deemed to be the wrong place for this posting, I can only say that I cannot access the posting option on any of the discussion groups, despite being a member.

I am about to run my sole trader business under a limited company name which is different from that of my sole trader name. I have purchased a domain name for the new company and my website hosting company have "pointed" it to the sole trader website. (Don't really understand what this means!).

I think it best to have a new website on the new domain name, but keeping the old website for the time being, as it has worked itself up the rankings to a very small extent. I think when the new website is ready, I need to have a one page notification on the old site pointing to the new site. Perhaps I need to have some of the key search words on this page to keep up with the ranking? On the new website, would it be a good idea to mention the old soletrader name either prominently or discreetly, for both search engine reasons and also to reassure people who are looking me up based on an old mailshot letter that only showed my old website name and address?

Can you comment on my plans please? And do you have better ideas? I have had such problems with website design in the past I thought I would ask people who know first, before committing myself to yet another IT person.

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Update existing website

stepurhan |
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Make use of the page rank of the old domain - plus some advice

david_terrar |
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301 Redirect and/or domain parking

NetAccountant |
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Thanks for your Comments

Moonbeam |
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