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Websites: How much have you spent?

Wondering how much people have invested in their practice websites? Has anyone gone for a DIY version using any of the many self development tools available on the web?

Have you gone cheap and cheerful circa £500 (?) or signed up with the likes of Accounting Websmiths or Practice Web etc? If the latter, how have you found the payback as in client generation versus ongoing costs?

For those using their own sites or medium priced site, do you invest in SEO PPC etc?

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I'm a sole practitioner and

charlb |

Website costs

Mouse house |




ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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What do you want?

Kent accountant |
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Minimum and maximum

Bob Harper |
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Websites for accountancy firms

Outerbridge Pen |
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Started free and launched professional site today

HudsonCo |

Office 365

rayhelmke |


marian |

Company website - Do it properly or don't do it at all.

Sloane Walker |

I am with Bob on this....

justsotax |

Carts and Horses!

David Winch |
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peterhool |

Very varied responses ...

JC |

Websites and Social Nomics

fionab24 |

Agree with Sloane Walker

davegibson00 |

Online Practice

charliecarne |
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Jason Dormer |
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checkout websmiths

The Minion |
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Plenty of good advice above

bookmarklee |
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I need to create groups of

yamisen |