What advice would you give your "first year in practice" self?

I'm about to set up in practice on my own having been an employee in practice for many years.

I know there will be a lot of learning "on the job" but I was wondering if members had any tips to help me hit the ground running. Paraphrasing all those "letters to your 16 year old self type" books, what advice would you give yourself in your first year in practice?

Thanks in advance!

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forget most of what you learnt

memyself-eye |
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Following that ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Go with OGA's advice

Flash Gordon |
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Great advice from OGA

dbowleracca |
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Plan for 5 years away

Ken Howard |


Owain_Glyndwr |
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Thank you

Cardigan |
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Make sure you keep coming back, Cardigan

SteveOH |
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Can I just ask where you are?

Old Greying Accountant |
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Very good luck to you.

nigelburge |
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Keep asking questions

FirstTab |
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Get your fees right

Steve Holloway |
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"Don't buy in to sweeping statements like excellent client servi

nigelburge |
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