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What can I do if accountant filed an incorrect SA?

A friend has used the same accountant for years because he claims to understand the holiday letting business. She know how much her total (low) income was and how much her outgoings were, and did not expect a tax bill. She was shocked when told it would be £3000 and queried this with his assistant who said she knew about her return and could answer, but she obviously did not know anything. When the accountant looked at it, he found a couple of things and blamed it on 'SA overload!' but it still does not answer the question. He had to file to meet the deadline, and she is now faced with a demand for £1200. He also said she MUST pay £1600 on account, yet I know that is optional. 

She doesn't have the cash because she didn't think she needed it. His advice has been disastrous for her, yet he is demanding his fee. She hopes he has filed a provisional return, but I doubt it.

What can she do in these circumstances to query, and if required, vary her SA return? Can she query his bill?

I have recommended she changes accountant at the very least.


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She has one year ...

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Q:What can I do if accountant filed an incorrect SA?

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I agree with ACDWebb

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SA breakdown

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Devil's advocate

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