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What do you do?

I seem to have had a glut of new clients all on the VAT Flat rate scheme. Although these are very profitable businesses they don't want to pay any extra fees, so have self-registered, and have prepared their own VAT returns. I explained the basics of Flat Rate VAT, the discount, and the need to keep copies of the VAT submission and the working papers so we could verify the VAT.

Accounts are now coming in for preparation, and as you may already have guessed, no copy returns, no workings, and further discussion revealed that VAT was calculated on net sales, and even the wrong % used in a couple of cases!!!!!

I provided one with a spreadsheet template but then ended up answering loads of email queries about preparing VAT returns but they wouldn't come in (or pay) for 'proper training'.

What do you do with clients that want to 'DIY' but don't listen to you, and won't pay for training or spend time finding out how to do it properly?

I know I can get rid of the clients, or put up their fees, but I would like to stop this happening altogether, rather than just deal with it after the event.

Any ideas, or recommendations, would be appreciated.

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I operate an all inclusive fee

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What does your engagement letter say?

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Thanks, everyone

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This thread is really good

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I used the all-inclusive route when I started my practice

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I just raised the fee

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Also creates MLR issues

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I do the minimum amount possible

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