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What do you do?

We are a very small practice. My wife does payroll for about 40 clients, about 30 weekly. Now we are coming to that time of year where we are closed next week. Most of them are quite happy for us to do 2 weeks payroll in advance. However there are 1 or 2 who are saying i'll send it to you Saturday because I won't know until then. They won't estimate it because they are worried they might have to pay out an extra £1 or £2 and won't amend in January.


Now, I remember when I originally started in the 1980s and worked in my father's practice. Wednesday and Thursday was wages day and that was. I can just imagine the lady who did payroll then putting up with this. She'd say in advance or not at all. What does everyone else do. I can't imagine many preparing payroll on Xmas Eve!!!

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It is up to you . I would do the payroll

sarah douglas |

I half agree with the above

mrme89 |
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the answer is very simple I am afraid

Tonykelly |
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andy.partridge |
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Well considering this

0098087 |
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He is your customer not the other way around

sarah douglas |

Boxing day

Peter Kilvington |

I agree ....

B Roberts |

It's customer service

davegibson00 |

Open all hours

Kent accountant |
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I wouldn't do it

adam.arca |

There you have it, working at

0098087 |
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A compromise?

ShirleyM |
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Weekly means weekly

TomMcClelland |
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Jason Dormer |
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See I understand where most

0098087 |
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Christmas Eve is a working day

sarah douglas |