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What happened to the audit

Mrs Smith’s greed and  dishonesty have brought  disaster to her family.”

According to the judgement  passed down by the court the  fraud began on June 3, 2005, two  months after Mr Smith’s  retirement, when Mrs Smith  arranged for £29,252.60 to be paid  from Glen Dimplex to the  couple’s joint account at the St  Helens branch of Natwest.

More than £2.1m was  transferred into the couple’s  joint account or their individual  accounts over the next five years  without suspicion being raised.

An extra £700,000 was paid  directly from Glen Dimplex to Mrs  Lewis’ Barclays bank account over  the same period.

In the High Court hearing her  65-year-old husband claimed he  had been “duped” and had no idea  where the money was coming  from.

Mr Smith said after the  downsizing of their home and the  subsequent release of equity and  his pay-off and pension he thought  they were “cash rich”.

Read More http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2012/03/19/merseyside-gran-shelagh-smith-admits-stealing-2-8m-from-stoves-cooker-firm-100252-30568339/2/#ixzz1pYdptFSV

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This doesn't surprise me...

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Quelle surprise

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Its all about procedures!

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