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What happens if there ARE professional reasons?

I have just received a clearance letter from an accountant asking if there are any professional reasons they should be made aware as to why they shouldn't accept the appointment of an ex-client.

In my opinion there ARE as he was basically trading insolvent when I left him - he had maxed his creditors out and was taking every penny he could for himself.

I've never had this situation before when just about to reply to a clearance letter and wondered if any other members have and how I should respond?

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davidwinch |
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The wrong question

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The letter

Mouse007 |
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Rather large

ron burgandy |


Mouse007 |
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... well...

jaybee661 |
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Thanks jaybee

Mouse007 |
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Childhood trauma!?

ron burgandy |

Nope, is this YOU?

Mouse007 |
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Why stop there....

ron burgandy |

only when i'm lying down

Mouse007 |
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Sheepy306 |

if he is already an ex client

The Minion |
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waste of time

The Black Knight |