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What if self-employed income is NIL?

I actually feel really sill asking this but....

I friend of mine has been self-employed for a number of years, however, last year she took an employed job, and there was no self-employed income as she didn't have time.  She did however still incur self-employed expenses such as professional fees, her business telephone line and web domain costs.  She also worked from home 1 day a week (home as office allowance?)... It has always been her intnetion to continue being self-employed (although the employment was a permanent position I believe it was on a contract basis), so keeping these things in place was necessary.  Can she still enter these expenses on her SA tax return, even though her self-employed income is actually NIL for the year and so create a loss that can be offset against her other income? 

I think yes, but don't want to put it on her tax return if the answer is no!  I am thinking that zero income but self-employed expense would look a bit weird on the tax return, but that she should still be able to claim it...

I know some of you are probably reeling at how basic a question this is, but the text books don't seem to cover real life scenarios and anomalies!!

Many thanks for your thoughts....




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It's a question of fact


You can create a loss

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Thanks both...

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You can create a loss

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Some late night reading

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Halfway house suggestion

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