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At what level do you tell your clients to incorporate

I am just wondering what the current thinking is about what profit level you would tell your clients to incorporate.

I appreciate that there are other factors to consider apart from tax saving, but from a purely tax point of view, when do you tell them to incorporate?

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Andywho is fed up |

Depends - as Andy says...

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young ronaldo |

Increase in fees can outweigh tax savings

zarathustra |
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Another criteria Andy:

Sarah P |


David Gordon FCCA |

In another life

Canary Boy |
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Liability first then .........Car.....

Ding Dong |
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Don't forget State Pension

cfield |
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At least £20k probably closer to £40k

AdShawBPR |

if liability isnt an issue but confidentiality is

The Minion |
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another factor...

heatherdavid |

Student Loans

garyhook |

To incoporate

jdm5454 |
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Incorporation or not!

jiatbanus |


Luke |
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Incorporation or not.

jiatbanus |