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What is the point of the ACCA

Just received notice of an ACCA desktop monitoring review. Presumably this means the ACCA staff don't have to leave their comfy offices to actually go and visit the coal face. Fair enough I thought. Then I saw the questionnaire and the documentation they need. Letters of engagement, money laundering, practice continuity, PII insurance are all well covered, BUT, there's absolutely no mention of actually how we do the work, i.e. no quality control questionnaires about making sure the accounts and tax returns are prepared correctly, nothing about tax planning advice, etc. IE nothing, zilch about what the client actually wants from us, i.e. accountancy and tax advice. Talk about a box ticking exercise. As long as I tick the right boxes and give them the right copies of PII insurance and LOFE's etc., I'm going to pass this review and continue to be let loose on the fee paying clients. The ACCA don't know, and apparently don't care, whether I actually give good accountancy and tax services/advice. How can this be right?

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not sure I understand this one

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In my view you are correct

Jekyll and Hyde |

The pointless box ticking regulators have taken over!!!

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Were your client awfully

bernard michael |

quis custiodet ipsos custodes? Ipsos.

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