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What size business can SaaS online software handle?

Hi, we currently use Sage and I have grown tired of its over complex nature for the non accounting type! I like the idea of the Saas providers such as Xero and Kashflow but how capable are they?

We turn over £2.5 million and have lots of low value transaction typically between £50-£200 pounds per invoice, so lots of invoices. Can these systems cope with that level of through put?

The real question for me here is, we have a back of house database (Filemaker) that generates our invocing that we then data load into Sage on a weekly basis via an Adept plug in. Thats all purchase invoices and credits, as well as Sales invoice and credits. Can this import be done into a Saas platform, if so which one?


The information we import is:

<Type> ie Sales Credit, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Credit

<Account Ref> ie 999 ABC Limited

<Nominal Ref> ie 4000 - Widgets, 4001 - Gromits

<Invoice Date>

<Invoice Number>


<NET Amount>

<Tax Code> ie T1 20%, T2 0%, T3 Mixed

<Vat Amount>

<Extra Ref> ie Customers order number


We have a Barclays bank account - do you know if we can use the online feeds with Xero?

Can you make accruals on these systems?


Sorry if I sound like a novice, thats because I am!




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No issue on throughput

david_terrar |
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Cloudcounter |

Run a trial

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KashFlow has offline entry product

TomMcClelland |
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Have you taken a look at Aqilla?

Krystal Amato |


[email protected] |

Better late than never

DuaneJAckson |
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Thanks for all the inout

Christopher_dean |


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