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What's happened to First Tab?

Does anybody know what's happened to First Tab?

From being one of the most regular questioners on Any Answers and a weekly blog writing on his attempts to lose weight he seems to have disappeared. He's not posted since 23/05/12.


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You tell us

andy.partridge |
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I did but I got nowhere

petersaxton |
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Did exactly the same

FreddieZonko |
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Wondered the same

lisimano |

I tried PM'ing him a few days or so ago...

Flash Gordon |

Taking a break?

petersaxton |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

I had thought the same thing

Peter Bonetti |


Constantly Confused |
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its lovely to see all the concerns

carnmores |
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First Tab we miss you

Tosie |

Last week

orchardacc |

I'm amazed people have the time...

Trevor Scott |


FreddieZonko |
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George Attazder |
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petersaxton |
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