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What's your take on the flat-rate state pension?

The government announced today that a new flat-rate state pension will start in April 2017. Pensions minister Steve Webb said the new system would be “much simpler”.

The proposed change will likely see an increase in NICs for defined benefit schemes – will this result in an increase in cost for employers? How will it affect financial planning?

Is it really a step towards simplification or is it the final nail in the coffin?

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Well intentioned ....

Steve Holloway |
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Couple of questions

vince8 |

Compulsory savings a better idea

zarathustra |
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Nanny state

zarathustra |
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Question...what to do now...


I agree with Steve

adam.arca |

Salary / dividend

runningmate |
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Yet another reason to combine NI with Income tax…

ringi |

State Pension - have women lost out?

martin ward |

Subtly hidden loss of dependants pension.

richard.snape |

Moderate Proposal that each Public Sector pensioner is capped @

dstickl |