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Which version of Sage?

I have a client who uses Sage Instant (v2011) but I don't have Sage.  So far it's worked fine with them sending me a .csv file of the nominal balances etc each quarter, which I use to update VT.


We have a problem now as I have sent over the journals for the year end adjustments and they can't work out how to put them through.  So I've decided that I need to get Sage so that I can open their backup and either (a) make the adjustments for them or (b) be able to better talk them through how to do it.


So which version do I get?  My options, as I see it, are:

1. Sage Instant v2011

2. Sage Instant v2012 - will this still give me full functionality?

3. Sage 50 - again will this give me full functionality?  Or indeed enhanced functionality?  I need to work out whether it is worth me spending the extra ££.

4. Sage Accountants Club - will this give me access to the most recent version of Sage that I can use to open the backup?


I would welcome the thoughts of anyone who knows Sage because frankly I don't know it well enough to make the judgment!  Part of me thinks that if I'm going to go down the Sage route then I may as well get Sage 50 because it will give me more options.  But then I don't want to pay for something that will never get used and will be obsolete within a year.  I only have one client at present on Sage, the rest use VT or Excel.


Thank you very much.

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sage is scam

david5541 |

Sage Version

johndon68 |

Go to the client's premises?

taxhound |
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I'd rather not go to their office

Sarah P |

Use Excel

Moonbeam |
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That's what I've done

Sarah P |

Sage Version

johndon68 |

Sage 2012

petersaxton |
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pipper01 |

Give them step by step instructions

occca |

Bad debts

Sarah P |

I would normally

occca |

Why not ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Remote Access

Captainblack |
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Grrrr this says everything about Sage

Sarah P |

The answer, in case you're wondering

Sarah P |