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Who do I refer complaint to at HMRC?

I submitted a back years tax disclosure for a client last September. Despite several telephone calls to HMRC and promises of call backs from the agent issues team within 5 working days that never materialise, we are yet to receive any form of communication from HMRC, not even a telephone call to provide a progress report or a letter to acknowledge receipt of the disclosure (although we did receive a receipt for the monies the client paid over to HMRC within a few days!).  The disclosure involved a substantial amount of tax due, which the client has paid over to HMRC and at the moment it is sitting in credit to the client at HMRC as the back years tax liabilities have not yet been processed.  My clients are considerably worried about the situation and feel that they are entitled to at least some acknowledgement of their disclosure.  I have spoken to a complaints manager today who is going to lodge a formal complaint about the delays - but advised me that HMRC have 25 days to respond to complaints!  For an organisation that calls it's taxpayers "customers" this falls very short of satisfactory customer service. Apart from wiping the blood off my forehead where it has been constantly hitting the brick wall, is there anything else I can do to get this moving?

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Our firm also has been having


Glad we are not alone....

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Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke is responsible

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Have you rung

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Ah well

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Complaints support team address.

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Thanks for all your postings

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