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Why Are We Still The Agents?

Two ex-clients, unconnected limited companies, had their records passed on to new ("cheaper") accountants nine months ago.

Evidently we're still the agents - two Penalty Determinations notices for unfiled P11Dbs (£400 apiece) have just landed in our post. After I'd stopped chuckling, further investigation reveals that we still have online access to both of these ex-clients' Corp tax and PAYE records.

The old paper 64-8s used to supercede and automatically delete the previous agent. Do their electronic counterparts do the same?  Or is there an overlap period in which there are two agents - if so, are we as the outgoing agents supposed to press the "delete client" button in HMRC's online records?

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Monsoon |
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At least they were clients!

cathygrimmer |
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Won't have bothered doing 64-8s

Flash Gordon |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

Not The Same Accountants

I'msorryIhaven'taclue |
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Lazyness of New Accountant

skhan |