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Why do papers not ask accountants

According to the Guardian this morning, talking about the BBC: "Staff on company payrolls pay up to 50% tax on their salaries and must contribute national insurance. Those paid via personal service companies set up for the recipient's benefit pay tax at 21% and are exempt from national insurance."

So they completely ignore any higher rates of taxes on dividends taken. Is this a simple mistake, which is just bad journalism, or are they lying to make some kind of political point ?

Other papers used the same example to scupper Ken Livingstone. Surely there should be some responsibility for the press to tell the truth with regards to tax, or do they just hope that 99% of people will believe what they say ?


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It's the extreme

petersaxton |
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the whole truth

Red Leader |
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Headline Grabbing

Ding Dong |
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Honesty is a rare commodity these days

ShirleyM |
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Money for NO FACTS

3569787 |
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Today programme

Euan MacLennan |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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Radio v newspaper

petersaxton |
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Someone from the CIOT - John Whilting

Nichola Ross Martin |
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Ian Bee |

and another thing ....

Red Leader |
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"Probably about time that IR35 was binned though."

Steve Holloway |
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The Innkeeper |

They are all at it!

Catherine123456 |

Report on BBC website by ACCA regarding PSC's

joncopping |

What about ...

petersaxton |
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