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Working from home

Just become a victim of landlord rent hike and would like to move my office to my log cabin at the back of my garden. It's a largish insolated log cabin big enough for six desks and some storage area, but my concern is whether it would be allowable for me to conduct business from here with four members of staff. My local council have been very unhelpful in that they are only concerned with planning permission, but I'm not building anything just want to know if I have to apply for change of use to commercial use or if I'm ok to carry on?

Does anyone else work from home with more than one member of staff and did they have any issues....?

any advice will be useful..


Many thanks

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WhichTyler |

Insurance x 2

Stalytax |

Practical concerns

Roland195 |

Thank you for your reply...

sam nico |

Just because you can does not mean you should

Roland195 |

Many thanks for your reply,

sam nico |

Planning permission

George Attazder |
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Have you discussed this with your staff?

Roland195 |

log cabin

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