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Working with the right people

In my experience, clients are broken down into the following  -

40% - Absolute pleasure to work with - value the relationship, give records timely, pay bills promptly, take their responsibilities seriously, are always polite and respectful to you and all staff

40% - Good to work with, sometimes unrelable with meetings, busy lives so don't always give things the attention they should, but good loyal clients and valued.

15% - Borderline clients - often late and disorganised but good people, value the relationship and refer and accepted because of this.

5% - An abolsutele bloody nightmare, always late, impolite, slow payers, listen to mate down the pub, cost conscious, bill quiblers, timestealers, no respect.  Should be weeded out at all costs as they drag you and staff down.

How does this compare for you?




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good question

Paul Scholes |
Paul Scholes's picture

Absolute nightmares

AS |

As and Bs Please

Lancsboy2 |

If we all got rid of D's

bernard michael |

Been managing the D'd to another firm

Stewie Griffin |
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I guess the 'D's end up with the new starters

ShirleyM |
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Just ranked our clients

Kent accountant |
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AndrewSullivan |

Thanks for feedback,

Jason Dormer |
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Also, good point the re

Jason Dormer |
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I agree with Jason

David Winch |
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iPhone Users

chatman |

Easy answer

Tom 7000 |
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Tom 7000

Jason Dormer |
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Emails on mobiles are a massive problem

Ken Howard |

when a D client is A clients son

Tosie |