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Would this be considered Money Laundering?


I work as an accountant for a UK company. Directors have requested payments to an off shore bank account & company. An invoice has been produced, and this has been properly authorised following company internal control procedures. No checks can be made of the off shore company other than Google it. However, the question I would like to ask is should I accept the Director's instructions and deal with the invoice/payment in the usual way (so that I am not accused of insubordination) or challenge the Director regarding this invoice/payment. I am of the opinion that ultimately it is the Director's responsibility to pass/authorise this off. Any views?

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Cover your own back

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Answer to Kent Accountant -


Money Laundering ???

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I think part of this is down to the lack of platforms at Manches

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Where's the crime?

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What is the company's money laundering policy?

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Missing the point re ML

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I think only

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What is money laundering

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